Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wait for you timing?

Honestly every day feels like I'm one step closer to a goal in life but in all actuality I feel like I am not moving enough. I started a business that I dreamed of, thought of almost all the time, but nothing much has come from it.

They say follow your dreams but what happens when you share those dreams with the world, they like it but they don't want to support it. You push as hard as you can to get it out and make a change in the world but you get back not much of a result or the result you wish to see.

Then you see others living their dreams and you get discouraged. You really can't help sometimes but wonder why it is they are getting to live all their dreams but you are stuck still merely dreaming. All you are told is stop looking to other peoples path for your own. How can I really not look at people who are living out there dreams and then some and not feel a bit discouraged. After you have yourself positive talk and time and time again the dream you wanted to live, well it is on life support or so it feels. 

Those people may have journeyed hard and long and are finally where they need to be I get that, but what the fvck am I not doing the right way. Why can't I even feel like I have one successful project. There are people out there coming up with ideas and immediately they take off and your sit here in the shadows. Feeling like when there sun rises higher you will just disappear. Like all the people who are struggling to live dreams but only left dreaming