Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fall in love

You know the usual, everyone is either getting engaged, married, or pregnant!! Yea this shit is getting to be a drag. Then you have people telling you oh, once your 25 you will know exactly what you want and how things are supposed to be will be set for you. WHAT!! 

I'm here just living life but I want to fall in love. I mean I fell in love once but it was not the best reasons to fall in love. More like fell in lust maybe, I guess... I pretty much still love and care about the person but whatever with them. People here talking about they are in love and shit meanwhile I'm here like I feel like I'm 25 and it's not easy. I promise I have soooooo much love to give but the right person has not received it yet. Im sure they are out there some where, but it feel as if it's taking too long. I know patience, yea its's a virtue. As well as the simple fact that we can't rush God's timing but dang. I just want to love someone. 

My love! YO!! It's so big and it can fill the hearts of a million people. It's crazy how the one's that probably won't understand it and appreciate it at the moment need it the most. Don't forget the people who just straight out don't give a crap about your love. 

Why is it that love is so complicated??
Why is it that humans are so different (especially males and females)??

It's always women are so hard to understand and men are so complicated!! I mean there has to be a reason for all of this! 

When living life and dating seems harder that just giving someone your love, yea that's when things just  get confusing. When men and women have been programmed to think that sex is the end all and be all. Well it kinda is because you have to procreate, but damn. 

The world is pretty damaged and damnit, I want to love!!


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