Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Is writing for me?

Sometimes I feel like I'm not a good enough writer. It feels like maybe I should give up on this dream of being a great blogger. I mean I enjoy it but I don't love it enough to write every day. There are women who write amazing pieces with lots of great content, but me...I've been told I don't write enough. Though, for me I know I don't always want to read a blog post that's super long. I just don't have the attention span. Especially if the post is something that doesn't interest me with some visuals and shit.

I'm a visual person for crying out loud. I just want to make great shit and be great but it seems so hard in a world where you feel like your enthusiasm isn't what it needs to be. 

This shit has me considering taking a break from writing. Maybe come back for the new year or maybe not. How about I take a whole year of come 2014...maybe.

Ugh I don't know I'm considering taking a break from my other blog and just devoting my time to building a better me and documenting it. 

Maybe the world is not ready for what I have to offer. Maybe I'm just not ready. It's not hard but it sure as hell ain't easy. 

Fuck I just want to be great! 

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