Monday, December 24, 2012

Home for the Holidays

I always have this vision of what my future home will look like and I love sharing it with you all. Don't worry I am currently addicted to HGTV so no need to worry about that. Haha. Being that it is the holidays, and I finally have time to sit down and think about things other than getting through the semester(by the way I am half way through my college career...AMEN), I was just thinking about how amazing I think real trees are and how damn good they smell. The thought then pops into my head...

My future home, with a huge real tree. The aroma of the mixture of the pine and delicious foods flowing throughout the house, as my husband, children, and I sit sipping hot cocoa in front of the fireplace, awaiting Santa's arrival. Yea, I got this all planned. Check out my vision below...Enjoy!

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Am I the only one that fell in love with this setup? 

I can truly see it now, on like house hunters or something and giving a list of all my necessities for my future home. Hope that you all enjoy your holidays. 


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hot Body

So I recently signed up for Bikram Yoga...It was pretty nerve wrecking to actually go ahead and take the class but I knew it was something I had to try out ("Try something you fear" kept running through my head). So I got to it and tried it out. Most yoga spots have a new member fee where you can get some added bonus, so I opted for the new member unlimited for a week. It felt pretty good to be prepared on my first day.

Now the actual session!! I went into the heated room and was like damn WTF did I sign myself up for. HAHA; but I went back in and waited for the instructor to enter. It was a really small class of myself and 4 others, which I loved. The instructor was really nice and he was a big help during my time there. Once we got started the sweat started rolling, I was feeling the burn. It was really good to know that I was able to remain in the room and I did my best. Though, I felt a bit dizzy at times, sort of like I was going to pass out, or just not able to do a position, I rode out like a champ.

When I left I was like to hell with that this is too much, then the little voice in my head began to speak "If you don't come back you would have wasted your money, and you'd be a quitter". I just couldn't do that could I. A day later and a body well aching I will be heading back tomorrow for sure. Have to get my moneys worth right.

Will definitely keep you updated on my Bikram classes until the membership runs out...

Have you done Yoga before?
Have you tried Bikram Yoga before?
How was it for you? 
I would love to hear your experiences...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just sit

As I learn more and more about the traditional methods of meditation I understand more of the concept of just sitting. It has caused me to be a lot more mindful in most of what I do. Though, I have not mastered the art of just sitting I can say I am much closer to becoming more at peace; to becoming the Queen I am.

While on a visit to the Target First Saturdays at Brooklyn Museum yesterday, I came across these pieces and I had to share with you all. I immediately fell in love.

The way art speaks to me and says so many things is just amazing. I have been thinking I need to find a way to get some kind of museum membership. Hmmmm, maybe.
As well I would like to invite you to become one with yourself and follow the methods of just sitting. How you may ask... Find a quiet place, a pillow and just sit. Focus on your breath and each part of your body. Try your best to not let wandering thoughts enter, though if they should, do not reject them. Allow them to come, acknowledge it is there, and continue focusing on your breathing. The thoughts will then go away on their own.

Become Mindful!
Have you meditated?
Will you practice just sitting?