Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vegetarian Update

Now that I've been on this Vegetarian thing for quite a while I've been testing out my luck with numerous Boca and Morning Star products.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about I'll fill you in. Both of these brands produce Vegetarian products that are alternatives to meat items.

Since being on my journey I have tried two of many products Boca chipotle black bean burgers & morning star chicken strips.

My take exactly Yay for the bean burgers and heck no for those chicken strips. The bean burgers were super tasty and filled with lots of flavor; definite plus in my book. The chicken strips ahhh not so much. I'm thinking this particular consistency is just not one I particularly am found of and have to say I pass.

But I am really came to tell you all the wonderful yummies I discovered yesterday. Well I just tell you about one of them.

I found these awesome chikn nuggets and they were pretty darn good. They tasted just like chicken nuggets only thing is they had a sweet taste to them. I was cool with it, hey I can't expect it to be exactly like chicken nuggets.

I never believe these things are actually not meat!! So I have to look at the ingredients like a million times. Haha

Oh and I topped it off with the Annie's Organic Macaroni !! The artistic side of me wanted bunnies..don't judge lol.