Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Your invited!!

As I sit here I'm trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to begin. I was hit with a tad case of writers block...Why? Because I wanted this to be one of those super awesome, sexy invitations, but instead, it's me.

I recently decided to begin a discovery of my true self and thought why not document my journey. Around maybe the beginning of October, I would say was my official step toward a better me. I've been working on improving me, spiritually, mentally, physically and whole heartedly.

How I've been doing it you ask?
I had been receiving devotionals 5 days a week from a fellow natural haired friend, along with a devotional plan I had created via the YouVersion Bible app. I had also been subscribed to several blogs(which I never read). One day, I finally started reading what these daily emails were composed of. It was some really good stuff!

Along with all of that I started meditation(I am taking a mindfulness class in school), and began a 3 month life reset via KimberlyLuxe.com. I have been journaling my process but I may share a few things with you here are there. I will also be taking part in a 14 day Kindness Challenge so come along to join me on PersonalExcellence.co

So....welcome to my journey...I hope that we can take these steps together. We all deserve to be Queens. We just have to take the time to uncover her.

What to expect? Anything!
So do comment, take notes, share, and find your inner Queen!
(Kings comments are ALWAYS welcomed. Your opinions help us be better Queens as well.)


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