Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mahogany Me

Like a fine wine, aged so sweetly,
I am that Mahogany brown.
So deep, with that hint of flare,
I am that brown without a fear.
I wear it with pride along with my crown.
I stand tall in stride,
With hips not daring to hide,
Because they are mine.
I possess that tropical feel,
With that all American strength.
As my natural tress flows freely above me.
I shield my eyes from the whirlwind of my environment.
I am grounded.
The negative inhale, aids me to my exhale.
The energy of positivity,
Life and renewal.
My roots feed my soul with love like no other.
Spreading my love through these great vines,
Greatness within me, beauty so divine.
I am that Mahogany Brown with A Crown.

                                                - BkAphrodite


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