Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chocolate Books

** 11/3/12**
Since last week I had been dying to go to Barnes & Nobles for a me date but I was in my usual** procrastination mood. Last night, I told myself I was going to Barnes & Nobles and getting me a peppermint hot chocolate and reading. I went on a quest to find a list of books that might interest me and I'd say I came up with a pretty good list; out of my list I was able to find 5.

I'm super inpatient at times and having to search was pretty annoying but I did it. When I was over actually searching through the what felt like millions of books, I asked for help. By the way it was only two books, I did well!

I was secretly hoping to get an open seat across from a hot guy but I was lucky enough that the hot guy got up. I now had two seats!(Which by the way two elderly ladies sat in.) My peppermint hot cocoa in one hand and my books in the other.

It was pretty awesome scanning through the books I had selected. I really can say I enjoyed my little me time date. Thanks to that me time, I decided that I will be purchasing all used books(those books were outrageous to me). Plus for me!

How do you enjoy me time?

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