Monday, November 12, 2012

Have you reset your life?

I recently spoke about joining KimberlyLuxe and friends on a 3 month journey to self. It came at no better time, as I was dealing with a whole bunch of crap and was just in need of a reset. I am not going to lie I procrastinated for a while about actually starting, then my inner self spoke up. I think it was meant for me to do it. Along the months the journey for me has been a great one. I have been able to dig deeper into me and it feels good. Along with my meditation and improving my being I feel almost invincible. Why? Because I have been learning about myself on a deeper aspect and I am loving every moment of it and myself.

If you have not heard of it or where procrastinating too, you can still reset. Head over to and start your journey. Your mind, body and soul will truly thank you. I promise, live that queen in you.


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