Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Promise to myself!!

I had heard of promise rings that people buy for themselves or their loved ones bought for them but never have I went out on a limb to buy myself one. This changed when I came across a ring and it literally spoke to my heart. I am not really the type of person that shops all the time and loves everything I come across, so I knew that making this purchase was in my purpose. It was something that God and myself wanted for me.

I am going to tell you all how I knew it was apart of my path to get this ring. I had just saw in my notifications on Instagram, that a profile had liked one of my pictures. I took the time to check them out, which I usually don't do as often and the first thing that I saw was the ring pictured below. Right then and there I knew that that ring was meant for me to make a promise to myself.

I was not sure which had to put it on because I mean I wouldn't want an eligible King to think I am not an eligible Queen. Then, again I felt as if placing it on my actual ring finger would really make it a deeper promise. I think the placement of the ring also had to do with the ring I had on my middle finger since like forever. I finally ended up with the ring on my right hand ring finger, and I just took off the middle finger ring and placed it on my chain. It took meant a lot to me so I couldn't just toss it to the side.

My promise it to honor myself as a Queen, to ALWAYS love me first and to remind me that I deserve nothing but a King. I will follow my dreams to becoming successful, and remind all other Queens that they are indeed one. This is to growth, love, happiness, abundance and good fortune. 



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