Sunday, October 27, 2013

The going gets rough...

It's one of those days; I think which makes being a Queen apart of the journey. The time when you question your purpose and exsistence in others lives and theirs in yours. When after the hurt you decided to still be vulnerable. When being vulnerable hurts all the more than holding onto your past hurts. Well at least it feels like it.

When your life is moving in the right direction and you are receiving many blessings but it doesn't feel like it. When learning to love yourself is just not fu*king easy. When you don't feel complete unless you have someone to relate to and share your love with. After all you have to be whole to understand and appreciate love. But it's just not that easy. 

The days when the going, it gets rough! When you don't feel beautiful and you haven't in quite some time. When the scars of your battle wounds come to the surface. When you become unhappy of the direction that your life is going because you are not accustomed to change. Change is NEEDED! 

Life feels like work instead of a blessing. It's rough living life and understanding. Be this, be that, think positive, wait for your timing! Time also waits for no man, so why should I wait for time? 

When the going gets rough why do I feel bad about the downs to my up? Damn you society; I just want: to love me, start a business, meet new and awesome people, build great friendships with them, have beautiful dates with an amazing gentleman, be the best me, fall in love, get married, travel, buy a home, create a family, build on my knowledge, appreciate my beauty, look beautiful and feel it, leave a legacy, be a positive role model for young girls.

Can I live? 


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