Friday, November 1, 2013

BFF for 500, please!

Recently, I've been trying to align myself with good people. Eliminating those that don't belong and limiting time with those who I feel I am a blessing to. It's not easy I tell yah. 

I just want to network with people like me; Damnit!! I always feel like I'm way different than the ultimate professionals, girls who are super into fashion who dress amazing, or the hippies who wear cute floral items who live carefree. Some days I feel that I am a mixture of all that put together even though I don't want to be exactly. 

So where the hell do I fit in? Where will I find people like me?

You know everyone has that best friend they've known for umpteen years who they can call or be called upon by for anything. They relate to each other too almost the T. 

Yea, that's the friendship I want. Many of my "best friends", well there are none! I'm not sure if I was a bitter person why none of my friendships really lasted..I'm actually not a bad person. 

It's just now harder to trust these friendships today. It also gets much harder as you enter adulthood and if your the introvert like I am, well good luck to that.

Though, all of this bothers me I constantly push myself to get out and see different things, to be in the company of various people. Heck I even use my natural hair blog to meet people I'm genuinely interested in a friendship with. 

It never really happens! I just see em at events and ummm yea. Social networking!! 

Maybe the timing just isn't right, or when it was it was taken for granted or not used rightfully...WHO KNOWS!!

I'm just here struggling to make some meaningful friendships with people I can relate to! 


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