Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holistic ish

I am completely intrigued by the ability to live a holistic lifestyle. I keep seeing women on social media showing their recipes and the great benefits of living life the healthier way. I even tried the life out for 7 days. I had seen before that many try the vegan life and how they go about it, so I put myself to the test!!

When I tell you it was SUPER HARD!!

Trying to find alternatives to eat besides seafood or fish was just a hassle. I felt like I pretty much had no options. Though, I must say I was lucky enough to try something new and it was really good. Not eating cheese and not eating seafood was like torture. Though, it felt pretty good at the same time.

The only thing that was the issue was that I would substitute high carb items for the food I wasn't eating. That is totally not the way to go though. :-/

And I actually gave in after day 6.... I ate some mac and cheese and had some fish. I really think it is way too soon for me to actually give up fish and seafood. Oh and cheese! I love cheese.

So for the time being I will do more research and pretty much take it slowly. I will pretty much work on my self and grow with myself and what the Universe is giving me as I go along. I have found though that in terms of me getting in tune with my mind has been quite good. I have been doing well with my thoughts as well as just doing more and working on being great.

Holistic living isn't easy for the beginner but I can say that many are doing it so I can surely do the same. Just waiting on the Universe to guide my steps and my greatness.

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