Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Still journeying

Not that I will ever stop journeying but a lot has gone on since my last post. I have been going to various events and getting my brand out there. Woohoo!! It's still a struggle because I am not the extrovert and I rather people learn of what I'm trying to say instead of who I am. I just want my message to be heard. I want to encourage woman like many others to love themselves.

I personally have a hard time appreciating all of who I am simply because of what I grew around and what society tells me. Society tells us that in order to be beautiful you are perfectly flawless and that totally isn't the truth. EVERYONE has flaws so why hasn't that been ingrained in us many moons ago? I really hope to one day reach the hearts of woman, teens and young children around the world. I also hope that I can teach my future King(s) and Queen(s) that they are beautiful and how to love themselves and others no matter the circumstances.

People are created on love so why is it so hard for the love to be passed through to the child. I wonder if they could create a love potion to be injected into us. LOL. Well not really, that probably would not event be ethical.

In terms of meeting a King, apparently my King is still out there. We just aren't ready enough to cross each others path, which makes me a little sad at times because it's like I miss him and I don't even know him yet. I yearn for him but that only tells me that I need to take steps within myself to meet him. So I will try to work on being patient and just enjoying my time single and exploring the world and myself.


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